Our activities

Whether sporting, educational, fun or creative, all our activities are offered à la carte, totally customizable and can be carried out alone or combined with each other.

Having fun

Sharing a good time is the best way to learn without realizing it: to learn about one’s company, but also about one’s colleagues; to learn how to work as a team and to consolidate the ties that bind you in enjoyment and entertainment.

challenge best car

Car building contest

This team challenge highlights everyone’s qualities around the construction of cardboard vehicles of the “concept car” type. Like the professionals, you must design, build, test, consolidate and improve the car. Your team will then have to convince the grand jury during a race that will oppose the different teams.

Aesthetics, respect of the specifications, result of the race and taking into account the waste are the grading points.

The most beautiful car will obviously have the place of honor.

Sea excursion

Embark with your team on a semi-rigid piloted by a professional skipper.

Using a roadbook, solve puzzles, calculate directions, use a compass and read a nautical chart to get to the next stage, gather information and earn points by participating in sports or game events: riddles, quizzes, sea nodes, search for clues…

At the end of the challenge, upon returning to the port, scores will be calculated and the best team will be proclaimed victorious!

rallye mer bateau
rallye 2CV

2CV Rallye

As a team, embark on a Citroën 2CV, a classic car dear to the French, for a rally or an exciting scavenger hunt. Guided by your roadbooks, go from stage to stage to collect answers and earn points on game events.

We offer several itineraries throughout the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region to allow you to discover all the sights and sounds of this remarkable area.

Multi-activity race

A course of sporting events and game activities where you follow the itinerary indicated on your rotation table as a team and score the most points at each stage to reach the highest step of the podium.

At the end of the challenge, scores will be calculated and the best team will be proclaimed victorious.

We offer many types of animated stages, whether they are sporting, creative or cultural, they can be articulated and personalized to infinity.

challenge multi-activités
foh lanta

Survivor challenge

As a team or as a relay race, immerse yourself in the universe of the real TV iconic show and affront each other’s on various tests: assault course, poles, insects tasting… So many possibilities that will allow you to surpass yourselves as the famous castaways, and try to win the prize.

Eating well

Vector of sharing in many cultures, food brings people together. Together with wine, food is also an integral part of the French DNA, and remains an essential step in the discovery of our country for foreigners.

Supervised by professionals, you will discover, create and share the fruit of your efforts in a great moment of conviviality.

These activities can be organized at your hotel or at your seminar venue (subject to agreement of the site).

atelier cuisine

Cooking workshop

Cuisine is synonymous of sharing and conviviality. Put these values into practice during our cooking workshops supervised by a graduated chef. Make a complete meal or just a course and enjoy your creations at the end of the workshop.

Pastry workshop

We will put together a turnkey pastry workshop for you, advised by a qualified chef. We guarantee a moment of conviviality in a joyous atmosphere. On your seminar venue or hotel, make together pastries that you can taste at the end.

atelier pâtisserie
animation oenoludique vin

Wine activities

From the discovery of an estate with local wine tasting to the themed evening “Casino of the wines”, we offer you many wine-related activities that combine discovery, taste and entertainment. Create your own wine, develop a sales strategy, discover great wines or bet by guessing the grape varieties… all those games related to wine will delight your employees.

Cocktail creation

Ideal to spice up your aperitif in a dynamic and interactive way, this activity will highlight the creativity and the imagination of your employees. No need to be a confirmed barista to acquire the techniques of combining alcohol, fruit juices, syrups and various decorative accessories. Let our presenter describe his/her equipment and guide you through the art of mixing ingredients. Then it will be your turn to create a cocktail as a team. Tasting and election of the best cocktail at the end.

création cocktails
marché provençal

Provençal market

Experience a typical Provençal famer’s market wherever you are (hotel, seminar venue …). We recreate for you an atmosphere that we know well, that of Sunday morning in the sun, walking between the stalls bathed with enticing fragrances, to the rhythm of the song of the cicadas. Whether it is the staging of a meal or the presentation of local products (gastronomy, soaps, crafts …), and even the running of a stand, we will be able to immerse your employees in the heart of our traditions.

Olive oil workshop

Olive oil, an emblematic product of Provence, is far from having revealed to you all its secrets. Participate in this olive oil workshop and learn while having fun and feasting. On the menu: history and characteristics of different types of oil, tasting and discovery of unusual uses.

atelier oléicole


Today, the need to re-establish a bond with nature is felt both in personal and corporate life, and increase a significant increase in eco-responsible behaviors.

We want to support this current trend, whether to support your environmental transition, educate your teams or customers to sustainable development, or simply give you a moment to go green. Use your curiosity and come to discover the natural and cultural riches of our territory, let us guide you during our walks or our sea stroll or take part in our environmental rallies. It mobilizes the collective intelligence to engage the participants and to motivate them.

éco-rallye Porquerolles

Porquerolles Eco-Tour

Discover the island of Porquerolles, a natural sanctuary for the fauna and flora of the region. Enigmas and animated stages around the preservation of the environment and the natural resources of the island will lead you to the greatest places of the National Park. Earn points with your correct answers to hopefully achieve victory.

Porquerolles discovery tour

Take part in a discovery tour and explore the exceptional site of Porquerolles, in the Port-Cros National Park, through a series of charades and riddles. We promise you will enjoy a thorough discovery of the riches of the island well beyond the cliché that a mear visitor of passage could hope for.

rallye vélo
découverte orientée

Orienteering discovery tour

Stimulating for body and mind, orienteering allows to discover the entirety of a place, such as the island of Porquerolles, the island of Embiez or other magical places in the Var and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. The goal of each team is to reach the finish point at a given time, having accumulated a maximum of points obtained with the discovery of beacons at the stages run by our coordinators.

Sailboat regatta

Beyond the amazement of embarking on a beautiful boat, being part of a crew, under the guidance of a professional skipper, is rich of teachings. Everyone will have to quickly take their place, according to their experience and their desires while gaining trust in their teammates. Solidarity, listening skills, communication, focus, boldness… you may need to develop most of those of those skills to reach the buoys before the competing teams!

régate monocoque voilier


Why not take advantage of this moment away from your office to offer your employees an original team-building event: rather than pushing to surpass oneself or to compete, create cohesion in your teams by relaxing activities and welfare.

slow team-building

Slow team-building on the peninsula of Giens

Give yourself a break, set yourself up to the rhythm of the exceptional nature of the peninsula of Giens (a Natura 2000 preserved site), and enjoy a novel, meaningful moment of cohesion: get in contact with the fauna and flora through soft modes of transport and a pace of progression that drives contemplation. Follow the salt road by bike, the coastline by kayaking or walk along the beaches: it will be an opportunity to become aware of the protection of the environment while marveling at its beauty.

Zen moments

Far from the tumult of open spaces and the stress of everyday life, treat yourself to a well-deserved break with our Zen Moments. Relax your muscles during a massage session or soothe your mind through meditation. The Zen Moment is in fact pedagogical, making you discover little known disciplines or transmitting good practices through customizable workshops (lifestyle, stress management …), which will necessarily be useful after your return. The Zen Moment can be planned on a half day or a full day of total relaxation.

Activities: reflexology, tai chi, Qi quong, self-massage and sitting massage, full consciousness meditation, land art, hygiene of life…

instant zen yoga
privatisation bateau


On a modern catamaran or a classic sail boat—we will find the ship of your dreams for an unperishable memory. Feel the calm of the navigation, experience the sea breeze in your hair, soak up the colors of the sunset on the horizon, relax and enjoy a dreamlike moment.

Surpassing yourself

Sports carry out values sought after in the corporate world: team spirit, surpassing oneself, perseverance … We offer you a wide choice of activities, on land, at sea and even in the air, for a program that we will design with you based on the profile of the participants, to mobilize a sense of collective effort, the pleasure of performance, or simply the joy to do things together.

All our sporting activities are supervised by qualified instructors.